Friday, February 15, 2008

Organic Soy Candles at Wholesale

I love the scent that burning candles bring to my home. My sisters and I have always been candle-burners. We all used to smoke, and the candles masked the smell of cigarettes in our homes. I quite smoking a long time ago, but I still love candles. One of my favorite things to do is to light candles, turn off the lights and take a long, hot bath.

Soy Candles are great because they contain no petroleum products. I found a new source for soy candles. Caterpillars Soy Candles are made from biodegradable, FDA certified organic soybean wax. You may buy wholesale soy candles from Caterpillars as well. Just in case you have two sisters like mine who burn candles like there were no tomorrow.

If you hurry, they are having a great sale on 16-oz Apothecary Jar soy candle with French Crumb Cake scent for $13.99. Yum! Crumb cake! This is the only desert I am allowed on my diet. . .


moneyloveandchange said...

Thanks for the link! I've been thinking about getting some soy candles :)

Scentsy said...

Soy is only good if its not burned! Which in this case it is so you still get the soot. Now if they only invented a soy candle where the wax is only melted and not burned.

jnet said...

I also love soy candles! I've been collecting various candles for over five years and soy candles are among my favorite. I proudly display them, and gives a great feeling that friends would praise me because i've been collecting these pieces for quite a long time. Recently, i found some soy candle collection on this site This site doesn't only feature soy made candles but also other organic types of candles as well.

leopoldz sy said...

Today, candle is not just for tools to make a light, but also popular for symbolized the celebration like candles in birthday cake, a romantic decoration, and if a fragrance oil added to the candle, this will become good aromatherapy.

Soy Scented Candles


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