Friday, February 22, 2008

Steve Newcomb is Going Green

Today, I read about a man who made a major life change to help the green technology movement. Steve Newcomb, founder and COO of Powerset, quit working for money to go green. He wants to help create the tipping point in the sustainability movement.

Today on Facebook, Steve was celebrating that a solar initiative for which he has been advocating made it on the June Ballot. Mr. Newcomb intends to push green initiatives through the morass that is our government, with the help of the "business as usual" crowd and the social networks that are the source of so many grass root movements.

Currently, he is . . .
. . . working on several initiatives with other leaders in government and businesses that all fall under the responsibility of non-profit that I am founding called the Global Sustainability Alliance. . .
For more information about the Global Sustainability Alliance, visit Steve's blog.

His blog is also a good place to read about the green initiatives in which Steve is involved.
  • leading the push to get Green Campus project built in the San Francisco that represents a template Green city that other countries can copy;

  • founding a corporate sustainability project to create a private network and conferences for sustainability officers, venture capitalists, banks and lawyers designed to help change corporate sustainability from being something that's nice to something that's profitable;

  • creating a social meet up group that enables the techies to meet the greenies, thus bridging the gap that now exists; and

  • creating and launching my blog, to publicize and discuss key issues revolving around sustainability.

The SF Green March Mixer at 111 Minna Gallery is a gathering of the major players in the emerging green tech field. If you are interested in developing, financing or just learning more about green technology, this is the place to be. RSVP here.

I am excited to see a successful young man turning away from the path of making money to make a difference to our Earth. I will be following his path. Join me by subscribing to his feed here.

Carl Sagan would be proud.

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