Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gotta Minute? Learn about global warming?

We all know that we need to cut our carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050 to curb global warming. How do we do this? Who does it?

What is cap and trade? Are soybeans the best biomass for fuel? How in the world can coal be clean?

Sierra Club has made One-Minute Energy Intelligence videos. Invest a few minutes to learn what you should know. The first minute is posted below.


jerry said...

useful video. thanks

Anonymous said...

I think this is a better of your time been listening to the video from the Sierra Club.

All the gloom and doom about carbon dioxide being the cause of global warming is not supported by scientific fact. No matter how many times Al Gore says there is "consensus" that man-made global warming is a fact. And no matter how many times the politically motivated IPCC prints a report supporting that hypothesis, it doesn't make it any more correct.

Yes, global warming is for real. But the weather is a complex beast which no one understands. How many times that your local weatherman or weather girl correctly predicted the weather the next day? They use models for weekly weather predictions just like doom and gloom predictors use models to say we are killing the planet.

Unfortunately, models should be evaluated based on their ability to predict future events based on plugging in known data from the past to see if the outcomes reflect actual events.

NONE of the models used by doomsayers do so. There is no correlation between carbon dioxide concentrations and rising temperatures. If anything, carbon dioxide FOLLOWS temperature.

The two most glaring errors in the models occurred during the Medieval Warm Period and be Little Ice Age. The models do not reflect these known events.

Therefore, the models are not a good basis to predict future results of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

I do not work for the oil companies. I have not been paid by anyone for this opinion. I have studied both sides of the argument and I'm a pretty well-educated person.

In my opinion, it is fine to ASK people to limit their carbon dioxide emissions to improve the planetary health. It IS NOT fine to use tax dollars to support the study or mitigation issues involved with this non-issue.

The Earth has warmed and cooled in the past without any influence by man. It will do so again and again no matter what we do because we do not influence it in any significant manner.

William Wilson


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