Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clean Air Limo, Austin, Texas

Earth-friendly companies are innovating in new markets daily. I just saw that Clean Air Limo's Fleet is composed only of hybrids, biodiesel-fueled, and ethanol-fueled vehicles.

Mercedes E300D Stretch Limousine is the only limousine of its kind in Texas. You won't have to compromise your conscience while riding in this vehicle because it combines luxury with ecological responsibility. The engine runs on biodiesel.

So if you feel the need for ostentatious display, do it with austintatious style. For more information, please call (512) 262-1212


Gadget Blog said...

Very informative article.Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! This will help with the green wedding I'm planning this fall. Thanks for telling us about this, CyberCelt.

UK Travel Guide said...

Very nice and useful post :smile: . Thank you I wasn’t aware of much of these articles and blogs.

UK Celebrity News said...

Hmm, i would love to have a car like that! :)

CyberCelt said...

@gadget-Thanks for visiting.

@medmaroc-Cool! Do you live around Austin! I tried to visit via your openID, but you have not completed profile.

@uk travel guide-Thanks for visiting.

@uk celebrity news-Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi CyberCelt,
Yes, I'm an Austinite (although a transplant, like much of the rest of the city's citzenry). And I'm sorry I don't have an openID ... I don't even know what one is! I am new to blog commenting, but I wanted to tell you thanks for your last post. BTW, I called up Clean Air Limo yesterday and booked the biodiesel stretch for my wedding. Very exciting! Anyhow, I've been enjoying your blog, so keep up the good work!
All the best,
Meadow (yes ... my parents were hippies ;-)

CyberCelt said...

@meadow-Cool about your wedding plans. Where are you getting married? I have lots of friends that have been married at Zilker Park, Mt. Bonnell, Laguna Gloria and other outside places. Probably not the best time of year for outside, though. You do have an OpenId through AIM, which I think is instant messenger. (Here is where you find your profile to add stuff to it Hippies are cool beings.

Anonymous said...

Hi CyberCelt,
I'm getting married in October at my mom and dad's place (they have a couple of acres off of Onion Creek out in Driftwood). My dad has been working hard planting a bunch of native wildflowers that bloom in the fall, like Hill Country asters (my favorites!) so hopefully nature, rather than a florist, will be providing the flower arrangements for the wedding. I actually just called Clean Air Limo again and booked a biodiesel bus for our guests that are staying at hotels in Austin. I was worried about them driving back to Austin on 150 and 1826 after downing a bunch of margaritas at the wedding :-) Plus, I figured a single biodiesel bus would be more environmentally friendly than a bunch of individual cars. Hopefully we'll have a fun time and the weather will cooperate!
Happy blogging--Meadow

Fashion Directory said...


Have a long and beautiful life with your wife!

limo services said...

Great article with informative Thanks for share

Jason Pearson said...

Hey thanks for the info. I wonder when other companies will catch on. I would definitely rent this if I lived in the area.

halwits said...

The article is very informative. It has been prepared after extensive research.


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