Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas is So Over!

As we were leaving for our road trip, we asked our oldest son what he wanted for Christmas. We had noticed that he did not have a winter jacket, but we would not think of buying clothes for him. He said that clothes and a jacket would be cool, but he wanted to buy them where he worked. Where he gets a discount.

This sounded great to us and we were all ready to take him shopping, but he was full of excuses why he could not go shopping before we left. Like idiots, we gave him a blank check. I repeated four times, "Take it easy, Brian, we do not have much money in the bank." He knows this because we spent over $500 this month on parts to fix his car, as well as putting $1500 of engine work for his car on our credit cards.

Well, when we returned, I checked online to see how much he had spent. Over $400! If we did not have savings, we would have bounced our house payment! Now, he is talking about going to college this semester. I told him, "you will have to get busy if you are going to find a loan in time to pay for your tuition. Christmas is so over!"

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Orillius said...

Wow! I'm surprised that's all he spent! I have a five your old son, and by the time he reaches that age he'll not be getting a blank check from me.

You're good parents, and it sounds like he's a good son. One thing he should really focus on is the true cost of ownership for that car - it's not just the cost of the gasoline, but wear and tear too. Wait till he needs tires, or wheel bearings - Yikes!


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