Saturday, December 29, 2007

Biofuels Update from Union of Concerned Scientists

Biofuels: An Important Part of a Low-Carbon Diet is a new report from the UCS. Hopefully, this document will help to ensure that bioenergy policies throughout the USA include environmental safeguards that prioritize production methods and materials that produce the lowest amount of global warming pollution.

UCS analysts and advocates in Washington pushed to ensure that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in the recently-passed Energy Bill included strong provisions supporting sustainable bioenergy development. Unfortunately, a competing version of the RFS, one stripped of vital environmental safeguards, has been added to the Senate-passed version of the Food and Farm Bill. If this version of the RFS passes and is signed into law, it will trump the stronger RFS signed by the president earlier this week.

The Renewable Fuel Standard included in the Energy Bill—not the Senate Food and Food and Farm Bill—represents a positive first step for bioenergy to play a real role in America's global warming solution.

Please urge your representative to support a smart Renewable Fuel Standard that protects our air, soil, and water and significantly reduces global warming pollution. Click here to visit UCS site and take action.


Anonymous said...

On a different note, I found this article listing the greenest cities in the US. This shows that municipalities care about climate change. I guess the general population cares about the environment and global warming. My score on their calculator was 400 but at least I am trying. Here is the link to the website that published the list of cites and where the carbon calculator can be found: The test took me like 5 minutes tops, and then maybe another 2 minutes to find the pledges I wanted. Pretty cool application.

CyberCelt said...

@anonymous-Thanks for stopping by.


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