Monday, November 12, 2007

Earth Friendly Flameless Candles

Do you love the ambience of scented candles in your home at night, but worry about the safety of an open flame around your children or pets? Now you may have the atmosphere you desire with LED flameless candles. They glow like true candles, but they run on batteries!

My favorite flameless candles are the scented candles, especially the four-inch pillar candle with the lavender scent. This candle is made from real wax with flickering LED lights. You may change the color to match your color scheme, turn the colors off, or set the candle to cycle through colors. They come in a variety of scents.

Here is a great idea for decorating on your patio. Just wrap this 26-foot long solar-powered light strand around a pole, bush or fence line. This features 60 LED bulbs, automatic on and off (dusk to dawn) and will run for 6-8 hours daily from the sun!

What about this hand-painted Snowman True Flicker™ candle! Frosty will glow for 350 hours on one set of batteries. This would be a wonderful gift for anyone who decorates their house for Christmas!
Eco-tip: Make these candles ecologically sustainable by using rechargeable batteries. You may buy a charger and a set of batteries as part of the gift. Give a gift that lasts, is safety conscious and makes a statement about your commitment to the environment.


Anne said...

I like the solar-powered lights. Those are fun.

I think I must be strange, though. I live in the country -- and I like it dark. I'm always having differences of opinions with the neighbors about the necessity of street lights. You want lights -- move to town.

It's getting so you can't see the comet showers, stars, other stuff. I like it dark. But solar powered fun lights still look like fun.

CyberCelt said...

anne-Thanks for stopping by. I really miss the sky at night. When we go camping, we always lay out to see the stars.

Scented Soy Candles said...

Here in New Mexico, I have seen solar powered luminaries, the bags look like a heavy brown colored plastic, not sure how it charges and at night your can not tell the difference between those and the real bags, and sand.

Scentsy Candles said...

Flameless candles are the only way to go. Soot Free and Safe

jnet said...

Battery-operate yet Earth-friendly? cool! Yeah I agree on this post because you don't have to sleep half-conscious at night worrying about the the flame of your candle with these flameless cool candle ideas. I've been collecting natural candles for over years and some of my collections were taken from this site


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