Friday, September 21, 2007

Take Action Against Big Oil and Gas

The energy debate continues in Congress, and two very different energy bills passed by the House and Senate must be reconciled. At stake are moderate, common sense energy reforms passed by the House that didn't make it into the Senate-passed bill.

Please help us ensure these reforms are enacted. Click here.

As expected, the oil and gas industry is pulling out all the stops to block these needed reforms, including promoting fake grassroots organizations that have come under fire for false advertising and misleading the public. The health of many of our majestic landscapes and the wildlife they contain could be sacrificed if the oil industry convinces legislators to strike these common sense reforms.

Please tell your senators today that you want the common-sense reforms contained in Title VII of H.R. 3221 (the House-passed energy bill) to be included in the final, "conferenced" energy bill coming out of Congress.

Click here now to take action.

Please do not let them destroy our public lands. Allowing drilling on Western lands has already damaged ecosystems, landscapes, communities, and the overall health of our environment. The moderate reforms included in the House energy bill, H.R. 3221, would help re-establish a balance in the management of our public lands. Let us set a new direction for responsible energy development.

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