Saturday, September 22, 2007

So You Want to Be in Politics?

Have you ever thought of running for office? To run for election as a city council person or a county or precinct commissioner? I live in a small city that swells with the population of a four-year university for nine months each year. We have more candidates for any open office than we have yards in which to put the campaign signs!

It is not difficult to run for office. You declare your candidacy by visiting the city, county or precinct clerk and filling out forms. Then they give you another stack of paper that is basically the job description for the office for which you are running, responsibilities of the office and some other information on campaign contributions and financial reporting.

Now you are ready to roll! First stop will be for campaign signs., sponsor of this post, makes campaign signs and nothing else. They have handy information about how many signs you will need (1.5 per block, 3 per polling place) and what type of sign you may want, like corrugated plastic, coated paper (cheaper), or poly-bag signs (cheapest).

You call 1-888-744-6717 and talk with a representative about your campaign and decide on the number of signs needed and what type of artwork you want. You may provide the logo, name and tagline in .PDF, .EPS, .JPG, .AI or .CRD form.

Once you proof your sign, they will be printed within five days and shipped to you by your method of choice. There is NO minimum order and they can handle as many signs as you want. there are NO additional fees for setup, ink, design, proof, edit, screen, production, wire fame, wire stakes or cancellation! You only pay sales tax if you are living in Nebraska.

From website:
At, all we do are political yard signs. Why? Because we know more about political campaign yard signs than anyone in the business, and we do what we know. You can be guaranteed that when you’re a customer, you’re dealing with the best advice, the best prices and the best people in the industry.
I was happy to see that the FAQs included the question: Are you a green facility? uses the most environmentally friendly ink available, made without solvents and with near zero emissions.

So what are you waiting for? Announce your candidacy today!

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