Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Give the Gift of Green This Year

GiftCardLab is holding a design contest for their Visa gift cards. Win up to $5,000 if your design is a winner. Design your own gift card by uploading your own photograph or graphic and invite your friends to vote for your design! The top 20 cards will be featured on the website.

The website will open in November and you will be able to pick out the design for your gift card and have it sent to your loved ones. If you have problems deciding on Gift Ideas for everyone, Visa cards are a very environmentally friendly, green solution.
  • No gas is wasted driving around trying to find the perfect gift;
  • No paper, tape or ribbon is used to decorate your gift;
  • No cardboard box or styrofoam peanuts to protect the gift; and,
  • No driving to the post office and waiting in line to mail your package.
  • The cards may be sent directly to the recipients or sent to you to distribute.
These cards may be used anywhere debit cards are used, are available in denominations from $10 to $250 and cost $5.95 each. It is a perfect gift and you may make it more so by designing the card you send. Visit GiftCardLab, sponsor of this post, for more information.

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