Sunday, September 16, 2007

Activists Sitting in the Trees to Save Them

Spooner in Humboldt redwoods
A 2,000 year-old Redwood named Spooner in Humboldt County, California is slated for destruction. Only a few activists sitting in the trees is all that stands between the loggers and these trees that were old when Jesus walked the Earth.

If you care, please send whatever you can afford via PayPal to help these folks remain in these trees for however long it takes. They need food, lights, rain gear, you name it. Please see this page for their needs.

If you live in northern California, or can get there soon, please help these people. They are doing what all of us would if we were there.

If you can mail supplies, please do so. If not, please make a donation today.


costa rica real estate mujer said...

Hands down to these nature-loving and environmental folks for standing by to these trees. Due to the rapid commercialization and industrialization, lands where trees grow are now converted to building and construction sites, thus requiring the cutting down of these trees. I think construction companies and project owners must also consider the protection and restoration of such trees. They are nature's gifts to us that is why we must work together in their preservation.

Ancient Standard said...

It's really sad when society values "progress" more than ancient treasures of the earth. These need to be preserved, not bulldozed to make room for another, shopping mall, subdivision, or whatever.

CyberCelt said...

@real estate-Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is something we all must take part in. When we choose our building materials.

@ancient standard-Exactly. It has gotten so much worse since Bush is on his way out. He is giving away the store to his buddies before he leaves.


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