Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Would You Like to Vontoo?

Vontoo voice messaging is the latest tool for environmentalist activists to broadcast a call to action to other advocates. Using Vontoo does not require any additional hardware or software, and you are able to reach anyone with a cell phone or land line in the USA.

Using voice over Internet protocol, you may easily record your personal voice message, send it to as many people as you have permission for, and track the results. You may direct your listener to take action by using Vontoo's "press 1" option to transfer them directly to the office of their elected officials or other entities.

Vontoo is a permission-based, on-demand voice messaging system. You either have a call opt-in mechanism on your web site or have an established relationship with the call recipient. Vontoo will also keep you out of trouble with the U.S. Do Not Call Registry, too.

Recently, the House and Senate Diabetes Caucuses circulated a letter in support of increased funding for Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes research. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) wanted to evoke bipartisan support for this important initiative. JDRF set the goal of persuading 50 senators and 218 representatives to sign the letter.

JDRF used Vontoo’s automated calling technology via the Internet, scheduling and then broadcasting a call to action to thousands of its grassroots supporters. Using the "press 1" option offered by Vontoo technology, 17 percent of the JDRF advocates were transferred to the office of their representative to voice their support. As a result, 65 Senators and 262 Representatives added their names to the funding letter.

Vontoo, sponsor of this post, is an incredible time, energy and resource saver! More efficient than email, less expensive than the US mail, voice messaging broadcasts are the wave of the future. So, would you like to Vontoo?

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