Friday, August 31, 2007

Tasmanian Ancient Forest - Short Reprieve

The Tasmanian state parliament approved the proposed ancient forest fed pulp mill. The Australian federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull extended the time available to decide whether to grant federal environmental approval for the project.

Please take action AGAIN so that your opinion will be included in the public comment period. It just takes a moment.



Here is one reply to my last letter:

Thank you for writing to the Greens Members of Parliament with your concerns about Gunns' proposed pulp mill. The Greens are also strongly opposed to this development, and to the undemocratic fast-track approval process underpinning it. The four Greens Members of the House of Assembly have been consistently speaking out against the proposal in Parliament, and will be voting against the mill today.

Thank you for your support,
On behalf of the Tasmanian Parliamentary Greens

Tasmanians, remember who was on the side of the Earth when it is time to vote again.

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