Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ground-Level Ozone Kills

I thought you might be interested in this alert from the Union of Concerned Scientists. I just sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency and I think you should too. They are drafting new air pollution laws but their recommendation for what is an acceptable level of air pollution is way higher than what the agency's own scientists and science advisors consider safe.

The EPA is currently accepting comments on its proposal. Please send a letter today to urge them to protect Americans' health by setting a standard that is based on the best available science. If you go to the website below you can check out the details and send your own message:

Take Action

The newly proposed draft ozone pollution regulations fall short of what EPA scientific experts consider safe. EPA scientists have linked ground-level ozone, a dangerous component of smog, to asthma and other breathing difficulties, chest pain, lung damage, and even premature death. According to the EPA's own analysis, tightening the current standard would significantly reduce ozone-related deaths.

This comes on the heels of a 3-day ozone action alert in Austin, Texas.

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