Saturday, July 28, 2007

UCS: Editorial Cartoon Contest Winner

The winner of the Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest is Jesse Springer of Eugene, Oregon:

From the Union of Concerned Scientists * All Rights Reserved

From the UCS website:
This year’s Science Idol contest is over, but political interference in science continues. Achieving substantive solutions to the problem will require the persistent and energetic engagement of both scientists and citizens.

The Latest News

Political interference in science has been all over the news recently. We thought you’d like to be aware of the following developments:


Karmyn R said...

The past 8 years have been a heartbreak to me - solely as an environmentalist. I was crushed during Bush's first day of office when he overturned an important Clean Water Act provision that Clinton had put in place before he left office. I think the current administration has gone downhill from there.

Talia Mana said...

Wow! That's saying it (still reading your comments on leaving a comment)

Here from BC - like your new blog very interesting.

The truth - great pick for endangered. I read a lot of scientific journals and it's amazing the number that focus on a single conclusion (when there are multiple), forget to mention the study is funded by a vested interest group such as a pharmaceutical company or bury the fact that the study was on fruit flies, when heck there is just a wee chance that fruit flies have a different biology to humans. Similar is not the same!

Okay rant over

Talia Mana said...

p.s. Will you be offended if I copy your comments box idea? it won't be identical but I like the idea of fleshing out the 'Leave your Comment' box...

CyberCelt said...

@karmyn-Yes, I think he has managed to undo everything gained in the past 20 years. I try not to get depressed, but its like they are giving the entire planet away.

@talia-This is the reduced version. I had a much longer version that I just cut down. LOL Feel free to use.

Blogger has added some tricks lately, you may view the ones I have found
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Talia Mana said...

Thanks. Will check out the updates

I've been lobbying for them to enable posts scheduled in advance but it doesn't seem to be a priority for them


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