Wednesday, July 25, 2007

England Under Water

The floods in Britain have left more than a third of a million people without drinking water, nearly 50,000 people without power, thousands more people homeless and caused more than £2 Billion worth of damage . . .

A 21st century catastrophe - Independent Online Edition > Climate Change - read article

From the article:
It is nearly 10 years since the scientists of the UK Climate Impacts Programme first gave their detailed forecast of what global warming had in store for Britain in the 21st century - and high up on the list was rainfall, increasing both in frequency and intensity.
Global warming is here, its happening.


RennyBA said...

This extrema weather is scaring. We've had it in Scandinavia this summer too - life will never be the same:-(

Palm Coast said...

Wow, that is definitely a scary fact. Too bad not enough people are taking notice.

Kersson said...

Unfortunately, any government in the world is taking into account the environment problem seriously. Now, millions of pounds have to be spent to re-establish this catastrophic situation and provide people with a normal life again.

CyberCelt said...

@rennyba-I did not know about your country. I will have to research this. Thanks for stopping by.

@palm coast-When we are led by a blind man, it is easy not to see.

@kersson-That is what I hope for, that we can fix this problem. Ipray we are not too late.


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