Saturday, March 03, 2007

Water Saving Tips

Look at your water bill from last month. Determine how much water you used and try to cut your water usage by 10 percent.

Here are water-saving tips that anyone can use:

  • Never water your yard with more than 1 inch a week.
  • Water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Check sprinkler systems frequently for directional aim and broken heads.
  • Pay attention to the water level of your pool. If it varies drastically from day to day, you may have a leak.
  • Have at least 4-6 inches of high quality topsoil in any area where you want to grow healthy plants or grasses. Use plenty of mulch in your beds to retain moisture and to prevent weeds.
  • Plant trees to create shade, and choose drought-tolerant or native shrubs and perennials.
  • Raise your lawnmower blade and cut grass to a height of 3 inches—this shades the soil, which reduces evaporation, and allows roots to grow deeper.
  • Check for leaks in sinks, toilets, pipes and your sprinkler system. One slow drip can waste 20 gallons of water daily.
  • Use low-flow sprinkler heads to water your grass. Use soaker hoses instead of sprinklers to water trees, shrubs and beds.

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