Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Earn Money Recycling

Schools, churches, daycare centers, and other nonprofit groups can earn money by recycling used printer cartridges and cell phones with FundingFactory.

FundingFactory provides you with all the FREE tools you need to run a successful cartridge and cell phone recycling program for your nonprofit. Free boxes, free shipping, free promotional materials and free online accounting!

Keep toxic chemicals contained in cell phone batteries and toner cartridges from ending up in your local landfill--turn them into needed cash for your school, church or charity. Visit FundingFactory today and get started earning money for your organization.

1 comment:

cassandra said...

Good to hear that there is an organization/group that recycled cartridges and can turn this into money. With this project It helps a lot of individual, students and organizations to earn a little amount of money that they can use to help others or personal earnings. As of this days we really need to recycled things to help our environment.


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