Friday, June 15, 2012

Look a Polar Bear in the Eyes . . .

The Wildlife and Pristine Waters of America’s Arctic Ocean are in Danger!
The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.
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. . . and tell him/her why she and probably his/her cubs will die from  starvation, dehydration or drowning. In most stressful environments, the bears will eat their cubs.  We want to stop this.


As you read this, Shell Oil is preparing to move two large drill rigs and a fleet of support vessels into Arctic waters.

Drilling in Arctic waters—with hostile conditions and environmental unknowns—is an irresponsible undertaking.

Shell Oil has no credible plan or proven technology to clean up an oil spill in a region where 20-foot swells, frozen sea ice, and hurricane force winds are common.
Few places are as majestic and misunderstood as the Arctic—home to a vibrant indigenous culture as well as endangered bowhead whales, polar bears, seals, walrus, and other iconic species already struggling to survive.

A recent report by the government’s own leading scientists points to a glaring lack of knowledge about nearly every aspect of the Arctic Ocean ecosystem. This lack of data makes it impossible to adequately assess the risks and impacts of drilling on wildlife and people in the region.

Yet even without this vital information or an adequate clean-up plan, Shell Oil is moving forward with the most aggressive oil exploration plan ever proposed for Arctic waters. And ConocoPhillips and other oil companies are following on their heels.

via Earth Justice 

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