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Danger! Danger! Stay Out of the Kitchen! . .

Bisphenol A (BPA) is Ubiquitous in Our Environment

Where is BPA Found?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is in our water bottles, our plastic bags, our canned goods, our baby food and infant formula containers and children's toys. Due to actions in the past by concerned environmentalists, BPA is NOT found in baby bottles MADE IN THE USA any longer.

BPA is so common in our environment that you may receive BPA from paper receipts from ATMs and stores (Warner, J.C. Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice). The BPA may be absorbed by your skin or transferred to food or other people.

How To Fix Your Kitchen

Lose the Plastic

The worst BPA offenders in the kitchen appear to be those plastic containers used to store leftovers and dry goods.  If they are stained or nicked, throw them out! 

Use Alternatives for Storage

Switch to glass, porcelain or ceramic containers  (Patricia Hunt, Washington State University).  Save your glass containers to use for storage.

Lately, I have noticed glass containers had replaced most of the shelf space formerly populated by BPA plastic. While you decide how you are going to finance new containers, use either Ziploc bags or Saran Wrap, both are BPA-free.

You could also use stainless steel bowls, but do not cover food with aluminum foil and put in the fridge -or- cover with Saran Wrap before aluminum. It causes some type of reaction that may make your food taste bad.

Beware of Can Liners

One last caution about the lining in canned goods.  You have seen it, it is white and shiny.  It leaks BPA into your soup and can send levels of BPA in your body up astronomically!  In April of 2011, I send letters regarding BPA in the lining of cans to three leading manufacturers.  General Mills is the only company that replied. Below is a quote from the letter.  Basically, they are saying there is "no problem." 
Scientific and governmental bodies worldwide have examined the science and concluded that the weight of evidence continues to support the safety of BPA, including comprehensive risk assessments in Japan and in the European Union. While studies continue, food safety regulators are not recommending any specific changes or actions in can lining applications, including those using BPA. Quote from prior post on this blog.
BPA and the Human Body
BPA is so toxic that parts per billion or even parts per trillion have been shown to cross the placenta and disrupt normal prenatal development. More than 200 studies have linked BPA exposures at very low levels to breast cancer, increased risk of diabetes and heart problems. Quote from prior post on this blog.
BPA has been shown to be an endocrine-disruptor.  It is horrifying to think that BPA is what is causing early puberty in our children.  I have heard of nine year old girls having menses and babies.

Take Action

Spread the World

On March 31, 2012, the Food and Drug Administration is scheduled to announce whether they will ban BPA from all food packaging.  The FDA has already issued a report that their hands are tied because BPA has been approved under the label of additive. Write letters to the editor of local papers, write your members of congress and the house, email the president, talk with your friends, community groups, etc.

Boycott Stores that Sell BPA Items

IF WE DO NOT BUY ITEMS WITH BPA, the manufacturers will lose money.  They do not give a good Goddamn about our children, but the almighty dollar will motivate them.  Please pass this on.

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I am quite shocked about this, I didn't know that the plastic bottles that is quite useful to us is the one that will bring us sickness. Well I think I need to find a way to stay out of using those plastics.

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