Thursday, September 01, 2011

Guess What Country Uses Most Electric Energy Each Year?

Could it be the USA?  Yes, with less than 5 percent of population of the world, we manage to consume a lion's share (46 percent) of the world's electric energy. Texas (second largest state in US), California (third largest state in US) and Florida (twenty-second largest state in the US) are the top three energy hogs in the US.

Toward the bottom of the infographic is a list of power consuming activities and then tips on how to reduce your energy consumption. I found this handy infographic about electricity consumption in the USA and how to reduce your impact at Power SuperSite.

So, now you know. Think about what you can do to change your energy gobbling habits. A good place to start is They have divided the site into adult and child sections.  You can login as a child. No one is looking!

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The USA? Nah, go on.

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