Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WTF? Why are we using carcinogens on food crops!??

The world's largest private agro–chemical corporation—Arysta LifeScience—has been lobbying for expanded use of its highly profitable, cancer-causing pesticide methyl iodide on our nation's crop lands.

Florida and California—which grow much of our nation's produce—have already caved to industry pressure and are allowing this known carcinogen to be applied to their farm lands.

Help Earthjustice’s legal experts win a ban on this extremely toxic chemical. Make a special gift today. Methyl iodide is so carcinogenic that it is used in labs specifically to create cancer cells.

In a letter to the EPA dated May 7, three Nobel Laureates in chemistry wrote that methyl iodide is "one of the more hazardous chemicals used in research labs and in the chemical industry." It is a potent neurotoxin, a thyroid function disruptor, and can cause birth defects and late-term miscarriages.

Earthjustice's experts have filed a lawsuit challenging the approval of this hazardous pesticide in California and are pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to ban its use nationwide. But they need your support to win this fight!

Help stop the use of cancer-causing methyl iodide on fields that produce our nation's food by making an urgent donation today.

A chemical this dangerous has no place in fields that grow our food. But just last week farming operations in California began applying the pesticide to fields that will grow produce that could end up on your table.

We can reverse this toxic practice in California and across the country—but we need your support to go up against the well-funded agro-chemical industry.

Take a stand with us as we fight for safe food production. Make an emergency donation today.

via EarthJustice

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