Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Prayer of the Woods

I came across this sign in a park in Florida. Trees are essential to our existence. Not as baby diapers, legal pads, paper towels, newpapers, magazines and toilet paper, but as a place where many of us go to find peace.

Harm me not. Excellent advice.

When we cut the trees down, we lose the top soil, which takes out the ground cover. The Earth is then unprotected and runoff is magnified one-hundred times. Hence, the terrible mud slides in California and flooding in many areas of the USA.

If you live in a forested area, make sure that controlled burns take care of scrub. Maintain a perimeter and keep trees away from your home. You can save your home from a forest fire if you have planned for it.


Lisa Marie Mary said...

OMIGOSH! I love that so much! So glad you posted it!

Josh Kerr said...

The last three words of the prayer are so powerful. I hope everyone will be able to read this.

TheDebt Negotiation said...

Oh Father almighty when would your sons and daughters will understand our mother nature.

www.TheDebtnegotiation.com (Tustin,CA)


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