Monday, October 18, 2010

America Pulls Off Plan B in Chile

Well, I missed Blogger Action day and Green Peace action day. I guess I have to turn in my hybrid car and "think green" bumper sticker. Sorry to drop out of sight. We took a one week road trip that s t r e t c h e d to three weeks. It was a wonderful time for swimming, kayaking and feeding all the deer at Lake Medina. They are so tame, they will eat out of your hand.

I also wanted to say God is Good to the Chilean miners who were freed last week. This rescue is the most heroic of this century. It made me proud to be an American when I heard that Plan B was mostly American ingenuity and machines.

U.S.-Chilean company Geotec Boyles Bros. operated a specialty drill, capable of creating shafts large enough to fit the men without collapsing. Then, working with Chilean crews, Geotec's Kansas-based partner came up with the plan to get the miners to the surface almost two months earlier than the Christmastime date originally projected.

Expert driller Jeff Hart, a contractor from Denver, Colorado, was called from Afghanistan to man the drill. Jeff drilled for 33 days straight, through tough mineral ore, to reach the men trapped more than 2,000 feet below. That was a heroic feat, Jeff!

Many thanks to everyone who had a part in raising those miners to the surface. It was an incredible miracle and an awesome testimony to the heart of the Chilean miners. Chile! Chile!

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