Monday, July 12, 2010

Toxins Move From Gulf Beaches to Landfill

This is incredible! The oil recovered from the beaches and wetlands as well as oil-soaked booms and plastic bags used to clean up are being dumped into landfills in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The landfills were not designed to hold waste oil and other toxins. The oil could leak into the groundwater and aquifers, poisoning the drinking water, rivers and plants and trees fed by the groundwater.

The disaster that is now going on in the Gulf could segue into a land-based ecological disaster if action is not taken to stop the unlawful dumping of oil into landfills. With everything that has gone wrong with this BP well, you would think they would be thoughtful about the by-products.

If the oil gets pushed inland and then dumped in landfills, we are looking at killing the Gulf. There will be no coming back. Our vibrant Gulf of Mexico could become as dead as the Aral Sea or Lake Karachay in what was the USSR. I am writing President Obama and my Senators. Someone has got to stop this before it gets worse.

Please join me in saving the Gulf of Mexico. Find your representative here

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