Friday, June 04, 2010

We are Stewards of the Earth

Unidentifiable Bird Coated with Oil (Louisiana)

Dead Turtle (Mississippi)

Dead Shark (Mississippi)

Dead Dolphin in Mississippi

Brown Pelican Covered in Oil (Louisiana)

What the Bible says about Stewardship Over Earth and Its Inhabitants:
  • Genesis 1:26-28 seems to indicate clearly that humans were placed in charge of the non-human world.
  • Psalm 8:6 reiterates that idea.
  • Psalm 24:1 indicates that even though we are, in some sense, in charge, the world, and the things in it, are God’s.
  • So does Psalm 50:10,11. The story of Noah seems to indicate that, at one point, humans were directly responsible for the lives of many kinds of animals.
  • Genesis 7:2-5, 14-16, Proverbs 12:10 and Proverbs 27:23 all have to do with caring for animals.
  • God seems to care not just for animals in general, but for kinds of animals.Psalms 104:24-25 praises God for the diversity of His creation, and His creatures. Since this explicitly includes the wide variety of ocean animals, it doesn’t seem possible that this praise is meant to be only because of their usefulness to humans.
  • Genesis 7:3, 14-16 indicate God’s concern that the different kinds of animals would be preserved.
  • Genesis 8:1 says that God had not forgotten Noah or the animals. Noah and his family were God’s agents in this care, of course, but they were God-directed agents. It would seem reasonable to argue that in our day, we also have responsibilities to the kinds of animals that exist in our time.


Thaiyalkaari said...


It is a very nice article thanks for your sharing.

sibby said...

very sad pictures the mess needs to be fixed asap it killing so much wildlife

Jon said...

Thank you for your post. These pictures are really horrifying and sad. It's hard to imagine such a sluggish response on behalf of BP and the seemingly non-existent intervention from the Feds. You prove your worth in times of great need and so far again, the Federal government and big business have failed the people they serve. I wish people in power had more caring for others rather then only focusing on the bottom line/money!

Jonathan (

Anonymous said...

It is a very nice article thanks for your sharing

harpreet said...

thanks for sharing this to us
really very nice blog
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Milind said...

Nice post, very informative, precise and clear.. Thanx for sharing this post of yours with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Man are been making the world getting worst day by day and making pollution.His success is making the the water levels polluted .This all is been the problem for the sea creatures.There life is being getting in danger.

Irtiza104 said...

The pictures are really heart breaking. I have written a post in my blog "life as i know it" about what we can do to save them.

harpreet said...

really very amazing blog
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