Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebrate Polar Bear Day on February 27

Polar Bear Day is February 27, 2010!  

Take Action: Send a message to your senators telling them you support legislation to protect polar bears and polar bear habitat. 

Here are some great ideas of how you can help polar bears by adopting a bear, buying a book or t-shirt, subscribing to kids's magazines or planting a tree through the National Wildlife Federation.

Make a symbolic adoption and help change the forecast for wildlife.
Show your true nature. Our Polar Bear tee offers advice that is both wise and humorous.
Make a difference for wildlife with a Giant Polar Bear Adoption.

Inspire a child’s love of nature with our award winning kids magazines.
Plant a Tree with every purchase. Receive your polar bear ornament today!
“White Bear of the North” is a story of a species in crisis. Find out more...

Protect polar bears and other at-risk animals by making a donation to National Wildlife Federation today


Andrew said...

Thanks for your post in here.It seems really interesting for me,which I have love different kinds of animals especially polar bears.For the celebration of the Polar day on Feb 27,just want to say the best for them!


peter said...

nice, i love polar bear very loves it. cause him like me... white and cute :p

Almorranas said...

I totally missed that a day like that exists. Poor bears they need their own day..but they should have made some more marketing beforehand:)

SouL said...



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