Friday, January 08, 2010

Swimming with the Manatees

We finally made it to Florida. We started the day after Christmas and arrived on January 6. We drove through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and down through the panhandle of Florida. At best, I had sporadic Internet access for weeks. You know what? YOU can live without Internet. It is actually relaxing.

We are now in Crystal River, Florida. We remain here until the first of February and then we work our way back to Texas. This blog will not see much action, but know this: I am living my dream of swimming with the Manatees.

If you want to keep up with us, check out Texas RV Travel blog for details. I should be posting pictures and information this week.

May 2010 be your year for fulfilling your dreams.




Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Show one's gratitude you after sharing. Positively benefit my time.

Darion said...

Every time I go home to see my parents I am forced to either live without internet or bootleg someones wireless connection from nearby. Of course, I should be spending time with my parents anyways and taking a break from blogging is nice every once in a while.

TK Pandey said...

Good to here about you. Keep enjoying your trip.

William Crawford said...

Does Manatees bite? Great adventure sir! I would love to be on that expedition.

celtic colours said...

nice...i also enjoy to read about your journey...Mississippi is my native place but i had never seen before...hope this year i my dream will come true..!!!

Shawn mitchell said...

I also love swimming. I am not sure if manatees actually bit the person swimming or is it friendly or has ignorance behavior.


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