Sunday, December 20, 2009

Copenhagen : Too Little, Too Late?

Time is Not on Our Side

A new draft by the global climate change conference in Copenhagen has leaked to the press. The draft has been named the Copenhagen Accord. While any reference to the end of 2010 as a deadline for reaching a legally binding treaty was removed, a limit of a maximum two degree Celsius global average temperature rise remained.



Two degrees does not sound like much, does it?
It is too much! 2 degree Celsius = 3.6 degree Fahrenheit
Please review what two degrees means to the world in the film below.


Or, you may want to view the hypothetical changes made in Six Degrees Could Change The World. Or just look below for a synopsis of changes expected with each degree rise in temperature. If you look at One Degree, you will see that we are already experiencing these changes.

  • At One Degree, the world will experience a new American desert, massive coral bleaching, and lost Australian rainforests.

  • At Two Degrees, oceanic acidity will rise drastically, India will begin to face extreme Monsoon seasons, and water shortages will spell trouble in China and South America.

  • At Three Degrees, the Arctic will face 80% ice loss, New York City suffers from flooding, and Southern California will be constantly at risk for fires.

  • At Four Degrees, Asia will suffer from melting permafrost and Florida residents will become climate refugees.

  • At Five Degrees, the desert dry belt in Africa will expand drastically, and human colonies will begin to pioneer Antarctica.

  • At Six Degrees, the carbon cycle will explode and the human race will be struggling for survival.


sikat ang pinoy said...

Can you tell me what is the very first step I can do to make a thousands of journey. thanks

Alice said...

I want to believe that isn't too late to do something about it, and that we can change, but people around me constantly prove me the contrary. I trust that our survival is a matter of education; to learn to protect our planet!

Stan said...

First Copenhagen was a joke

leaders though they want climate control have to answer to their people and even though the people want it as well they not willing to pay the price so the leader just go their to put on a good face

kanishk said...

I agree with it I trust that our survival is a matter of education; to learn to protect our planet!

cathi said...

Good post, Thank you for all these interesting information, it is a very important site.

underground water tanks said...

I'm really shocked by seeing this video post... what happens if this come true. so, everybody should start thinking now itself....

amylela said...

Global warming give huge impact to our earth.i can't imagine if temperature will be increase and we life in hot environment. thanks national geographic to give awareness for all.



Chelsey said...

I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job.


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