Friday, October 02, 2009

Weather Refugees Need Help Now

On September. 26, Typhoon Ketsana hit the Philippines, submerging houses, triggering landslides and killing nearly 300 people.

On September 29, an undersea earthquake caused a series of tsunamis in the South Pacific, destroying buildings and washing people to sea, some still in their beds. The death toll in Samoa, American Samoa and neighboring Tonga nears 200.

Next, a day later day a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia's Sumatra island, toppling hundreds of buildings in Padang city, killing more than 1,000 people and trapping many more under rubble. Within 24 hours another quake struck Sumatra.

Meanwhile, Vietnam and Cambodia have been battling rising floodwaters and landslides, caused by Typhoon Ketsana, which has killed a combined 96 people; while the Philippines declared a nationwide state of calamity on Oct 2 as a "super typhoon" bore down.

These lands are inundated and the people need serious help. The Hunger Site made it easy for us to donate. Click to donate. Donate through your church, business, charity--just donate.


Jack said...

I love what you do here. Keep it up. This indeed is very sad, we will try to help as much as possible through donation. thanks alot

mama mia said...

thank you so much for all your help in bringing environmental problems to the fore...most especially what happened recently to the Philippines and the rest of Asia. Keep up the very good work. Godspeed!

CyberCelt said...

@jack-Thanks for stopping by.

@mama mia-I appreciate your kindness. We can make a difference.


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