Sunday, October 18, 2009

Buy Influence : Big Oil 101

From the League of Conservation Voters:

Exxon Mobil's record-breaking 2008 profit : $45.2 billion

Energy industry donated to Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign : $1.8 million

Campaign contributions to federal candidates since 2000 : $104 million

Payoff in tax credits and subsidies : $13 billion

In the first two quarters of 2009, Big Oil and other polluters have spent nearly $120 million trying to defeat clean energy legislation and will stop at nothing to do so. Just recently we learned that a lobbying firm with ties to polluting interests posed as a minority group and sent forged letters to a member of the House, asking him to oppose the energy bill!

You can expose the campaign of Big Oil and their cohorts for the fraud that it is, and stop them in their tracks. Donate to the League of Conservation Voters and stop the peddling of influence.

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