Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slow and Steady : Protect Desert Tortoises

Tortoises Need Protection, Too!

It is easy to forget Tortoises in every day life. They are not cute like sea otters, seal pups, wolves, whales . . . However, they do have their place in our world and they need our help today. The army want to relocate 1000+ desert tortoises so they may have a tank warfare training area in the California desert. We are not discussing the warfare training range. Just the tortoises.

In the spring of last year, over 250 desert tortoises died after a disastrous attempt by the Army to relocate approximately 600 tortoises. The result was 252 tortoise deaths (both resident and translocated tortoises) have been documented as a result.

The desert tortoise population cannot withstand yet another ill-conceived and hastily implemented governmental plan. This year, the Army and the Bureau of Land Management are rushing forward with a plan to TRY TO move over 1,100 more tortoises.

The public comment period is only 15 days long. In order to to comment on this proposal, send your thoughts to the Army and the Bureau of Land Management--which you may easily do by clicking here and taking action. When you click, you will be taken to an online hub for sending these messages. You can read more on the issues, send funds to help, volunteer, send alerts and emails to your friends.

Please remember to include these points if you write your own letter or edit the sample letter:

  • Extend the deadline for public comment for an additional 60 days.
  • Conduct an Environmental Impact Statement, before moving forward,
  • If tortoises must be moved, translocation must be designed to discourage them from making the perilous journey back to their homes on the base.
  • No tortoises should be moved in a drought year when their survival is already compromised.
  • Assurances must be provided that overall tortoise deaths from the translocation will be significantly reduced from last year.


Yılan Yagi said...

thanks for sharing this post

Greg said...

I was on holiday in Menorca (spain) recently and they had tortoises within the resteraunt on show i really did feel sorry for them and thought they looked in danger at times

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travis said...

this is unbelievable - when the federal government allows militant power to do such, don't they have any idea of their actions. I will participate in this outreach, and i believe the governor of the state should be involved and have control - Oh yeah he's the terminator! Yikes...

Emo said...

You are right we have to protect those Tortoise so they may have long time to live for their generation and also for our generation to come. Protecting them will be the best way in letting our future generation what we have seen in ours.

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