Sunday, August 30, 2009

Globabl Warming is a Scientific Fact

Most rational Americans support a clean energy economy that creates jobs and fights global warming. Now the United States Chamber of Commerce wants to sue the EPA and put the "the science" of climate change on trial. This stunt is expressly designed to undermine the EPA's authority to fight global warming.

The Chamber of Commerce already had an opportunity to air their concerns during the 60-day comment period on the finding that global warming poses a threat to our health and welfare. so EPA should be the lead agency on protection.
The Chamber wants to pretend that the 41,000 comments we collected supporting the EPA were never written, that the 2,000 people who rallied at the hearing in Seattle never showed up, and that the people speaking out in favor of action to fight global warming at the hearing in Arlington, VA did not out number the skeptics by 9 to 1. (EPA)
Take Action: Send a message to members of the US Chamber of Commerce and tell them that short-term and long-term effects of global warming have been well-documented and to move on.

The Chamber is siding with a minority of polluting energy companies, even though it is now clear that reducing global warming emissions is good for both the economy and the environment.

Earlier this year, a group of big companies like Nike and Johnson and Johnson sent a letter to the Chamber asking them to more accurately reflect the majority of American businesses who are well aware that the science of global warming is settled, and who want to move the U.S. into a cleaner energy future.

Tell responsible companies to stop letting a handful of polluters use the Chamber of Commerce to hold our Country hostage to last century's dirty energy technology. Take Action : Sign the petition today!

Sign the petition to these responsible companies urging them to back up their words with action. Also, tell the U.S. Chamber of Commerce conform to scientific method and the accepted practices of the current administration.


Emily Veinglory: said...

Not being American I don't think they would listen to me, but boy do I understand your frustration.

A. said...

I'm not American either, so I can't sign your petition. It seems to me examining (again) the science of why the climate is changing is beside the point.
1. The climate is clearly changing.
2. We do pollute this world.
3. Reducing pollution had to be good for the planet.

Power Nubby - raisng money for handicapped pets said...

I just can not believe the laziness of the american people.. I am an american, and it frustrates me every day that people complain and complain, but no one does anything!!

And the invention of these online petition sites have made it even worse. What do you think signing an online petition is going to do?? NOTHING!! ITS THE INTERNET. No lawmaker is going to do anything because of a list of anonymous names that were collected on the internet

I know the intent is good, but its half assed.

You want to make a real change (and i dont mean YOU personally i mean ingeneral) find out the name and address and phone number of the government office that CAN make a change.. then offer up a prewritten letter similar to what the ASPCA does, where people can print it out and mail it, OR email it.. THAT is better than any petition.

CyberCelt said...

@emily-I am sorry that I wrote this as an American instead of a citizen of the world. I get tunnel vision sometimes. LOL

@A-You would be amazed at the politicians, including the last POTUS, who deny that global warming is real. That is the main reason for this post.

@power nubby-the petition sites are very effective in getting attention to a specific issue. I always receive a written letter from my reps when I sign or send an online letter. When the NRDC or Sierra Club goes before a politician with 100,000 signatures showing support, the politician listen.

We all vote.

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