Monday, May 18, 2009

Stop delivery of 540M directories per year is helping municipalities and local governments around the country establish ordinances to mandate that Yellow Pages and White Pages only be delivered to home and offices that ask for them.

Municipalities and local government that provide trash services are extremely concerned about the landfill cost and why they have to absorb the cost of handling the telephone directories.

1.) Local governments are looking to establish an Ordinance of $5 per book to the telephone companies for the delivery of unwanted books that end up in the trash and take up valuable landfills.

2.) An alternative Ordinance being looked at is to require the telephone book to be delivered in a plastic bag and the directory company has to come back the following week to pick up the old book that has been placed in the reusable bag.

3.) Building and Property owners are banning the bulk delivery of Yellow and White Pages to their facilities. They are tired of having to handle the books and the cost associated with the ones left over and old books that end up in their trash dumps.

4.) Some Cities and Towns are looking to stop the delivery of Yellow and White Pages books and are using their litter laws as the tools to enforce their efforts. asks the question: “Why do we get three to four pounds of paper dropped on our front door four to six times per year by various telephone directory companies and how are we supposed to dispose of them?”

Stop the nonsense and the cost placed on the consumer. If we want a book we will request one. If we do not want a book delivered, stop delivering them! The organization will contact the local telephone company and provide them with your name and address and tell them to stop the delivery. This service costs zero. thing.

Take action: Go to, complete the short form, then confirm that you do want to opt-out of delivery by clicking the confirmation link in the email sent to you. Quick, easy and definitely a good cause

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Reusable Grocery Bag said...

We definitely don't need so much paper anymore. We never did need more than the one phone book put out by the phone company, but other companies made phone books so they could sell advertising. As more people search for what they want online, the paper phone book advertising will decrease in value. Without advertisers many of these companies will stop publishing them.


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