Monday, March 09, 2009

Shipping Pallets Become Shelter

I-Beam Design Pallet House

From the I-Beam Design website:
. . . recent disasters in China, Myanmar, Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan, and New Orleans continuously remind us of the symbolic, cultural and physical power of buildings. But there is another more pressing architectural crisis that affects all nations: the question of housing the 1 billion people who live in substandard housing around the world.

Using wooden pallets as building materials is an excellent idea for temporary, emergency construction. Pallets are used to deliver water, supplies and food to the scene of natural disasters, so they are one of the first building material to become available to the homeless. The 16 foot by 16 foot shelter is made of 100 pallets nailed or strapped together and lifted into place.

The basic shelter may be transformed into a permanent structure by using:
  • plastic tarps or other moisture barrier material;
  • earth, stone, debris, metal or plastic to fill the space between the slats and to provide a roof;
  • stucco, plaster or concrete to seal the home.
Closer to home, shipping pallets are found behind shopping malls, stacked at airports, manufacturing facilities and ports. Pallet homes may be a good alternative to the tent cities that are filled with economic refugees as the economy continues a downward slide.

Pallet houses may be put up in a week for less than $3000. They are good in all climates and provide space for families in need. Environmental or economic refugees may build the pallet houses or the government, relief agency or neighborhood association may build them.

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April said...

I've seen pallets built into compost bins but this is way more impressive

Linda said...

Great recycling of wood! Pallets are sturdy and why not!

Scentsy said...

That is awesome. I've always thought there has to be something to do with old palltes

Tirbid said...

Very impressive... I can't believe these are shipping pallets..!!


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