Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Romans Had It Right

I remember reading about the ancient Romans and their inventions, like roads, aqueducts, heated indoor baths and hypocausts, a way to heat floors and walls using the heat from a furnace. I think heated floors and indoor baths are where civilization first started.

Radiant Floor Heating - ThermoFloor

I just discovered radiant floor heating, an innovative way to heat your floors, whether wood, bamboo, cork or other floating floors. You install it under your floor covering.Thermo Floor consists of long strips, like heating pads that insulate the base floor (in my case, concrete) while warming the floor. A side benefit is that the filaments in the heating pads create a cushion of air that insulates the floor and has soundproofing properties.

Radiant Floor Heating - ThermoTile

There is a system for radiant floor heating of tile and ceramic floors as well, called ThermoTile, which is also made of electric floor heating mats that are more suited for wet and humid rooms. They also have dampers that keep electromagnetic fields from developing.

Radiant Floor Heating - Benefits
  • Radiant floor heating systems are UL Listed in USA and Canada.
  • ThermoTile comes with overheating protection and four insulation layers.
  • Both products come with a lifetime warranty for the homeowner for which it was originally installed.
  • Programmable thermostats earn the ENERGY STAR, meaning that you will save money on electricity.
  • If you order over $1000 in Thermosoft products, you will receive 90 or 120 days same as cash financing
  • ENDING SOON: Save 45 percent and receive free Shipping on orders over $700.
I have been wanting to get rid of the carpet in my house. Everyone in the family has allergies, a dog and a cat and the carpet is a magnet for dirt and really does not come clean any longer. I did not like the idea of cold vinyl. However, the idea of stepping on a warm vinyl, wood or tile appeals to me.


Darren | Haiku Poems said...

That does sound pretty good. :) The idea that you could be walking barefoot on warm tiles or flooring sounds quite intriguing.

CyberCelt said...

@darren-I think this is such a cool idea. The heat loss will be significantly less than with vented heat.

Anonymous said...

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Laane said...

Well, I don't think that civilisation started with heating floors.

When you want to keep the subject in: it started simply with cold feet. LOL!

Stefanie said...

Visiting from the Ecocarders list. I noticed that your badge is further down the page than your Entrecard widget... would you mind moving it up to right above / below the Entrecard widget? This way any others who see it will know what it's for and can easily join if they want :)

Mae said...

Is this a new breakthrough or what? sounds just like it might work for me.


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