Friday, January 23, 2009

Redrock Canyonlands Get a Reprieve

Red Rock Canyonlands in Utah
Last Saturday night, a federal judge blocked the Bush Administration from proceeding with the lease sale of 110,000 acres of Utah's Redrock wilderness to oil and gas companies.

The Bureau of Land Management auctioned off our Redrock wildlands on December 19, and was determined to close those transactions before the Obama Administration could take office.

This weekend, Judge Ricardo M. Urbina granted that restraining order, saying that "the development of energy far outweighed by the public interest in avoiding irreparable damage to public lands and the environment."

Robert Redford, Trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council had this to say:
Indeed, this terrific court victory, combined with President Obama's inauguration, should herald a new era in which America strives to secure a clean energy future without destroying our birthright of public lands.
For background information on this issue, read Save the Canyonlands of Utah.

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