Saturday, January 31, 2009

Garbage Patch Twice the Size of Texas

The North Pacific gyre contains a mass of plastic and trash twice the size of Texas. rotates in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the USA.

For more information, visit the Algalita website. The focus of Algalita's current research includes the prevalence and quantification of plastic debris, biological impact on marine life, and the desorption of plastic toxins into the ambient ocean water.

The video below is from the Algalita Organization. Please take a look at what man has done to the ocean. If you do not have the time to watch now, please bookmark the video and watch it later.

Disgusting? Yes. Want to do something? Take a pledge to reduce your consumption of plastic.

I pledge not to trash the oceans by:

1. Using a reusable tote or other bag at the grocery store
2. Drinking water out of glass or other non-plastic container
3. Recycling plastics whenever possible
4. Never littering and always disposing of trash properly
5. Encouraging my friends and family to reduce their plastics consumption

Take the pledge today on the Oceana website.


Paul said...

I've read about this, it's pretty disturbing really to think that a hunk of garbage that big is out there.

It's as people always think -- out of sight, out of mind -- but all of it has to go somewhere.

CyberCelt said...

@paul-It washes up on the beaches after a storm. Then it cannot be ignored. LOL

Mom said...

That was a very interesting video.

What do they do with the garbage when it washes up on the beach?

CyberCelt said...

@sommerset-You leave the same comment every time. That is called comment spam. This one stands. Next one is deleted.

@Mom-once it hits the beaches, the land-based teams move in. The expense of cleanup is borne, of course, by the taxpayers.

mmo said...

Twice the size of Texas! that is crazy. You can fit our entire population in that area. Truly nasty/disturbing.

Gesundheitsportal said...

Plastics are killing us softly. By the way, it's not the fault of plastic, its human's. We tend to throw anything - everywhere. The result of procrastination. tsk tsk tsk. I pity the next generation. But there's still time, plenty of time. Let's unite to save the earth.


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