Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Petland is No Place for Pets


Matt said...


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Maureen said...

This stuff gets to me. I can't believe people still buy pets from stores like this. I sent an email either from the humane society or peta (can't remember) on this topic. The only way to get rid of the horrible puppy mill breeders is to NOT buy animals that support them! Thanks for informing people-education is critical....

Linda said...

I have never liked pet stores. They always have one problem or another. Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone about them.

CyberCelt said...

@matt-Thanks for the comment, the information and your visit.

@Maureen-Everybody was up in arms about Michael Vick and his pit bulls. I find puppy mills almost as offensive.

@Linda-I have never liked to see animals in cages, be it a zoo, a pet store or the pound. Thanks for stopping by.

casas rurales en baleares said...

Instead of supporting puppy mills by purchasing from pet stores why not, if you are unable to find what you are looking for in a shelter, find a rescue group...There are numbers of Breed Specific rescues to choose from...it's not settling it's saving a life vs. supporting the very thing shelters and rescues fight to put out of business.

Ally said...

Petland is a great place for pets. It does not buy from substandard breeders. Petland developed a set of Humane Care Guidelines that are in conjunction with and supercede the USDA guidelines. Petland also has a Do Not Buy list of substandard breeders that is distributed to the franchise owners.

Petland is part of the solution to stopping substandard breeders and 'puppy mills.'

Petland cares about pets. It has an Adopt-A-Pet program and a spay/neuter program, among many others, to help keep pets happy and healthy. So, before badgering Petland, go to their web site and learn more about what they do to help animals and stop substandard breeders.


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