Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving Without Breaking the Budget

Do you hate to move? I was married to a salesman and we moved 4-5 times within 5 years. We used a full-service mover two times. While it may have been great to have full-service movers pack and move our STUFF, I really did not want to let strangers handle our belongings.

If you have a house and shed full of furniture, power tools, solar panels, lawn mowers, pool liners, generators, clothes, and you have to move, you do have options! There are services like ABF U-Pack Moving.

ABF will deliver a trailer or ReloCube to your house. Then, within three business days, you pack your STUFF, as you want it packed, and load it, as you want it loaded, into the ReloCube. ABF will pick up, transport and drop the ReloCube at your new location in one of their moving trucks. You unload the cube within three business days and ABF will pick up the cube.

ABF U-Pack is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and has good rating with consumer opinion sites. Visit their website before your next move. Their prices are comparable to renting a UHaul and driving your load. This is so much easier.



Nandu Green said...

Thanks for your helpful hints on moving. I have a move coming up and will access the services you suggest.
I enjoy following your blog.

For more ways to save money and live a green lifestyle, you may want to visit my other site.

Smiles, Marlene

CyberCelt said...

@nandu-Thanksfro stopping by. I have visited your blog. Very nice.

stevealec247 said...

As a full service movers in united state i wold like to suggest few thing about how to prepare for up coming move, plan perfect, collect all moving thing at one place, take care by personally of your precious things, for more information of moving services please visit at full service movers official website.



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