Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Almost 50% of Americans are Green

According to a recent Yahoo! Green study, 77 percent of consumers describe themselves as Green, actively living their lives conscious of their health and environment, and 57 percent have made a Green purchase in the past 6 months.

The study divided Greens into four groups below.

Deeply Committed:
  • 23% of market... early-adopters of green who are looking to make a long-term impact
  • Mostly adults (35+)
  • Skew female
  • More educated
  • Higher percent live in metropolitan areas
  • Respond most to the "positively impact the environment" message
  • 24% of market... trend-setters who are motivated to be green to look cool
  • Younger (18-34)
  • More ethnically diverse
  • Respond to messages about "everybody else is doing it," newest technology, cool/hip.
  • 13% of market... motivated to be green by immediate benefits such as saving money or improving health
  • Skew a bit older (45+)
  • More with children
  • Over-index in rural areas
  • 17% of market, recognize green as important but place the responsibility more on others than themselves
  • Younger adults (25-34)
  • More women with kids
  • Respond to messages about providing a better life for their family

The other 23% of the market says they don't care about the environment, or they say they care, but they don't take any action.

Read more on Research Brief blog.

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