Saturday, October 11, 2008

i am blind

Say you wake up tomorrow, get dressed and drive your car into town, planning to go to work, school, shopping or whatever activity you have scheduled. You are hurrying, certain in the knowledge that your task, your job or your school is important in the grand scheme of things. You do not look at the clouds, the bright blue sky or even the children lined up for the school bus. You drive past the rainbows reflected in the oily water, left over from the rain last night. Nothing you see really registers with you. After all, you see these things every day, right?

Soon you notice that there are more and more wrecks on the highway, more spectacular rollovers and multi car pileups. You begin to notice that people are walking around, like they are lost, in the middle of the highway. You wonder to yourself, "What the heck is going on?" You drive to work and park your car. As you walk across the parking lot, you notice your vision is becoming fuzzy. As you rush to the safety of your desk and the world with which you are familiar, your sight dims completely, You have been infected and you are blind!

You think to yourself, I am blind. You must walk to the infirmary because you realize you should not drive. The doctor has no answer for you and your stumble, blindly, out of his office.

If you could have seen on last thing today on your way to work or before you left your home, what would it have been? A flower, your child's face, the sunshine glinting off the river? Think about it.

Then go to the site and submit a photo of the last sight you would hope to have. Interact with others on the forum who have been infected, as they try to follow clues, discover the pathway of the infection and interact with others about this controversial film, Blindness.

I would see one more sunset on the Texas coast

This is an excellent movie that makes you think about things you take for granted. It builds to an "us against them" mentality that will surprise you. When most of the population is blind, who is in charge? What brings people together? The answers might surprise you.

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