Sunday, October 12, 2008

Green Energy Voter Guide

Environmental Defense Fund released the Green Energy Voter Guide

The focus of their campaign is simple:

We cannot solve our economic crisis without solving our energy crisis and we cannot responsibly solve our energy crisis without stopping global warming.

The center piece of the EDF Green Energy Voter Guide is an interactive "Lost Eight Years" timeline that documents America's global warming inaction during the Bush administration. As the timeline makes clear, we are running out of time to solve this urgent environmental threat.

Please, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the document and to pass it on to several friends and relatives.

Think Green when you vote.

We cannot lose another eight years.


structured settlements said...

well this is really cool

Gav B said...

Voting green is the way to go, We are destroying our planet for the sake of money, voting green does not change that but at least we would be doing something right, Who knows all this green energy might result in seeing cheap gas and energy at home and in the pumps again if we invest now and reap the rewards further down the line.


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