Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Will You Do for Halloween?

It is hard to be ecologically proper when it comes to holidays for kids. All those plastic and paper costumes and the plastic swords, capes, masks, wigs wind up in the landfill. Even worse is the junk candy, gum, chocolates, lollipops and other forms of highly refined sugar. Then we load the kids up with Kool-Aid and caffeinated sodas when they come home to sort their Halloween loot, before we send them out to solicit more goodies.

I tend to give out sugarless gum, small gifts, gift certificates, pencils, erasers and neat little sticker cards and books. Hair barrettes, glitter, scrunches, puzzles, small manicure set, fake makeup and perfume (make sure it is hypoallergenic).

My sons are now the age where they want to go out, but they do not bring candy and toys home. Now, I decorate my home and dress up in costume to entice the kid to come to the door. They are so cute!

One way I decorate my home for Halloween is with these handy food and fruit Halloween gift basket. They look great around the home and make last minute wonderful gifts for hostesses. Break the sugar/candy/coke cycle this year. Be creative.

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