Monday, September 29, 2008

Remain Vigilant for America's Wild Places

As part of its latest attack on America's last wild places, the Bush administration has announced a rule that would eliminate protections for hundreds of thousands of acres of Colorado's most pristine forests. The Forest Service proposal would also weaken protections for millions of acres of other national forests in the state.

The agency would open these unspoiled forests to logging, roadbuilding and other development. Colorado's wild forests provide crucial habitat for the Canada lynx, greenback cutthroat trout, elk and other imperiled wildlife. In addition, they provide a major clean drinking water source for many communities, along with some of the best recreation, fishing and hunting opportunities in Colorado.

Please speak out now to help block this latest attack on America's last wild forests.

Tell the Bush administration to uphold protections for Colorado's wild forests


Bob said...

One day we will wake up and find that all of our forests and their inhabitants have been systematically eradicated in favor of strip malls and condos. Very sad...

hemmelig said...

As a person from a country without the facinating wild nature you have, i can only encourage you to protect it


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