Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mutltipurpose Bath Tub/Shower for Active Folks

The walkin tub is meant for individuals with mobility impairments, but it is also a wonderful idea for small bathrooms and as an alternative to standard baths. My grandmother broke her hip getting out of a regular tub and was never again able to enjoy that relaxing soak that baths give you.

RemainActive has an entire line of walk-in tubs. From the Prelude, which includes the low threshold entry, safety bar, slip resistant flooring, built in safety seat, ADA approved fixtures, hand-held shower head with a 6’ stainless steel flex hose.

The latest and best selling model of the Hydro-Elite Bath Series is The Encore, the celebrity of the walk in tub industry. The Encore is the full package, featuring all the safety measures our customers have come to expect from Remain Active, plus all of the hydro-therapy features combined into one outstanding model.

The Encore tub is more like a jacuzzi in that it has 6 independently adjustable water jets for powerful massage, an optional heater,and 20 injected air jets for the gentlest of massages.

All walk-in packages are made complete with an anti-scalding device, 10 year warranty and life time warranty on the seal of the door. Download a brochure from this website.


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