Saturday, September 06, 2008

Green Tip for Today

Recycled Paper

Paper with recycled content performs multiple environmental purposes. To begin with, the recycling process takes waste paper -- both from paper processing (pre-consumer) and from recycling bins (post-consumer) -- and diverts it from the general waste stream. Instead of getting dumped in landfills or incinerators it gets transformed into new products. Recycled paper eases the pressure on forests and related ecosystems. Paper made even in part from reclaimed pulp uses less total energy than virgin (unused) paper, and generates fewer air and water pollutants.

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College Betting Fan said...

another thing about buying paper that doesn't hurt the environment that much is to look for brown instead of white (for toilet paper, napkins, etc).

The reason for this is not racial lol, but because the chemicals they use to make paper white are bad for the environment. If you buy natural color paper, which is brown, you will be making a small, but significant difference.

After all, it wasn’t the salt that Gandhi got from the sea that mattered, it was the role that played in a bigger picture.


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