Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Green Tip for Today

Brake Gently

Skilled hypermilers coast to a crawl with hardly a touch on the brakes to avoid wasting an ounce of fuel at traffic lights.

via The Green Life (Sierra Club)


Anonymous said...

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keep it green!

kouji said...

genital warts? hilarious. :D

anyway, i've heard about this. i try it myself but i find it hard to wean myself away from the habit of braking. but i feel that the idea is sound. makes a lot of sense.

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Jack said...

I try to practice this tip, but find it a little hard to get right and a little dangerous to practice on freeway off ramps. I almost always have to brake or put my foot back on the gas because some guy is racing up behind me me.

Josh : Your Tempe Real Estate Broker said...

Dude. Gentle braking?!


1) Turning you car off at stop lights
2) When going up a huge hill, use cruise control, it's more efficient than your foot will ever be.
3) With modern fuel injected cars, if you're going to be sitting at a stop light more than 10 seconds, It's better to TURN YOUR ENGINE OFF than it is to leave it running. If you insist on leaving it running, at least drop it in neutral; even if you have an automatic.

I love hyper miling! Saw it on CNN one morning very early, and have been dabbling with it ever since.



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