Friday, August 22, 2008

Use Shark Livers On Your Face?

Dr. Susan Lark promotes squalane – an ingredient found in shark livers - for its ability to help skin “maintain its moisture and elasticity.” But squalane can be obtained from a much more abundant source: olives.

Deep-sea sharks are some of the most vulnerable sharks in the world. They typically grow slowly, mature late in life and have only a few young during their long lives. As a result, deep sea shark populations are at extreme risk from exploitation and recover very slowly.

Tell Dr. Lark she ought to leave deep-sea sharks alone. In fact, you may want to include in your message that you will not buy beauty (or any) products that contain animal products or that are tested on animals.

I just took action to protect sharks, will you? Go to Oceana and take action today.

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