Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shop Online: Save Gas, Money & Time

When I was a child, school ended in May and we started back to school after Labor Day. Of course, this was in Houston and before the age of air conditioning. Now, the children seem to enjoy less and less summer every year. While in Target the other day, I noticed that the school supply lists were already posted and that all the summer items were being discounted to make way for the school supplies.

Reuse, Reduce & Recycle

Before you start shopping, look around your home and see what supplies you have left from last year that you may reuse. It always seems that the children never use the amount of supplies that you are told to buy, so reduce the amount of supplies purchased. If you have more than one child, look at what you may recycle from one child to the other.

Shop Online

One good way to help the environment, while saving your time and your money on gasoline is to buy back to school supplies online. I found this coupon site called Office Deals Info and they have coupons for many popular online stores for computers and related items, such as Apple Store, Best Buy, Circuit City, Dell Computer, HP Store and Newegg. They also have coupons for great places to buy office supplies, such as Office Depot, Office Max and Staples. For school supplies, you may browse online at Target and Walmart or check out the office supply stores.

Using Coupons

Check the expiration date of the coupon, if given, before clicking through to the website to shop. Look for general coupons, such as free shipping and dollars-off with purchase. Remember, unless you live in the same state as the store, you will not pay sales tax on your purchase, which is a savings of almost 9 percent in my town.


Breyanna said...

I always prefer online shopping to save gas, money and time.

Erica Lynn said...

I think online shopping is the best way to go. I shop online for just about everything I need at Overstock because they have such great deals and even promotions for free shipping! Online is the way to go when looking to save money!!


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